Inproin. Engineering and Projects

Integral Management

Engineering and Innovative Projects was born with the aim of becoming a full service provider for companies requiring specialized technical services. Driven by that corporate goal and thanks to the experience acquired, the company can currently give its customers either ongoing support throughout the entire life cycle of the project, or just in those areas where -due to functional or technical reasons- the customer requires specialized external support.

Customer needs analysis
Analysis of area, plot or premises
Generating preliminary drafts for investor groups
Talking to official organizations
Urban Planning Projects
Infrastructure Projects
Building Projects
Project facilities
Bid and Tender Management
Project management and building work´s financial control
Works and installations Management
Health and Safety Coordination on Construction Sites
Commissioning and legalizations
Building Log Book and As built documents
Reforms, adjustments and post-Project Services
Demolitions, disassembling and restitutions